The alternative to draining and refilling your pool

Never Drain Your Pool Again…Recycle The Water!

  • Conserve water
  • Better than tap water
  • Use less chemicals
  • Start to finish in one day
  • Avoid plaster damage

A pool in Southern California should be drained once every 2-3 years, but there is an alternative- filter and purify the water with Pool Water Recycling.

With normal use and maintenance your pool water accumulates particles that are so small they cannot be filtered or removed from the water by the normal pool filter. These are referred to as dissolved solids. Dissolved solids include dirt, bacteria, calcium and other mineral hardness, residual chemicals, as well as human by-products. As more of these solids build up in your water, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain water chemistry, keep pool water clear, and keep algae under control. High calcium levels can even void your pool equipment warranty and leave unsightly white stains on your pool deck and tile.

Pool Water Recycling will remove these dissolved solids, conserve around 85% of the existing water and leaves water as pure as bottled drinking water.