Spring is the perfect time to give your home a thorough cleaning. Take advantage of the cooler weather and tackle chores you forgot about during winter, including cleaning the pool. Homeowners don’t think twice about draining the pool and filling it up again, but with 505,000 residential pools in Arizona, that’s not a sustainable practice. Phoenix reverse osmosis is a more eco-continuous alternative that leaves pool water crystal clear. Let’s see why homeowners should opt for this cleaning method instead.


Why Spring Is Perfect For Pool Cleaning

By the time April rolls around, many pool owners are packing away the pool covers and seeing the state of their water after a few months of non-use. They may be in for a few unpleasant surprises, including algae growth and calcium build-up. Complete water filtration is a perfect way to open the swimming season, as nothing is more inviting than a crystal-clear pool.

Before the process begins, you can give the pool a good scrub and remove bigger particles floating in the water. After that, you don’t have to worry about adding chemicals or draining the pool to clean it further. The Pheonix reverse osmosis method recycles the water with minimal waste. If you want to be even more cost-efficient, let the spring rains top off the pool levels, as the rainwater will get filtered and treated as well.


The Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis

Pool maintenance is complicated and requires plenty of equipment and monitoring. You must balance the pH, lower the hardness level, and give it chemical treatments. The most time-consuming and wasteful maintenance practice is draining and refilling the pool. With reverse osmosis, you won’t ever have to go through that. The RO method offers plenty of other benefits, including:

  • Reduced Water Impurities: Phoenix has a water hardness of 230 PPM (mg/L), and the excess minerals can damage the pool interior and filtration system. RO removes impurities such as calcium, phosphates, and salts from the water, leaving it safe for use.
  • Less Chemical Usage: With these impurities gone, it’s easier to balance the pH levels, meaning you can use fewer chemicals to treat the water.
  • Better Water Quality: By not using unneeded chemicals and filtering out even the tiniest of solid particles, reverse osmosis leaves the pool water fresher and softer for swimming.
  • Time and Efficiency: Traditional draining and refilling can take a few days to complete, wasting a lot of water. The reverse osmosis process can be done within a day, and it will also give you full use of the pool while the filtration runs in the background.
  • Less Water Waste: Draining and refilling a pool every few years is not eco-friendly. It wastes many gallons, and you still must refill the pool with hard Phoenix tap water. Reverse osmosis recycles and reuses 85% of the existing pool water, and the 15% that goes down the drain holds the removed solid particles and impurities.


Get RO For Your Phoenix Pool

If you want to check off a major task on your spring clean list, hire Pool Water Recycling in Phoenix. Reverse osmosis is our specialty, and we’ll have your pool water clean and ready for summer fun in no time. Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, call us, and we’ll have it clean and safe for swimming with minimal waste. Phoenix reverse osmosis with Pool Water Recycling will leave you satisfied.