Inline RO FIltration

Inline RO systems provide the same end result as our mobile filtration trailers; the only difference is they aren’t on wheels!

Systems include the following:

  • ABS control panel, NEMA 4X electrical enclosure.
  • Microprocessor control from feed tank low, pre-treat, low feed press, product tank full.
  • Brine, recirculation and product flows and product TDS monitored through the microprocessor and high TDS.
  • Sampling valves for each vessel.
  • Two gauges for vessel array in-out and two filter in-out are stainless steel case, internals and glycerin filled, all mounted on the front panel.
  • Pre-filter is stainless steel housing with 2″ FNPT ports for one each number 2 filter bag, 10 micron.
  • Brine and re-circulation valves are 316 stainless steel, globe type mounted in the last vessel brine line.
  • Plumbing: Schedule. 80 PVC. Fitting types and hose best suited for the purpose.
  • The main pump wetted parts are all 316 stainless steel.
  • Skid frame is stainless steel with accommodation for the multimedia filter, boost and injection pumps.
  • Boost pump is StaRite 2.5 HP.
  • Injection systems are 0-6 GPD pumps mounted on a 30-gallon tank for anti-scalant and sodium metabisulfite.
  • UV is a 40 GPM stainless steel unit with lamp monitor. (STANDARD FEATURE)
  • Automation Package, remote access, startup and shutdown
  • Commercial Inline RO System

Pool Water Recycling has the ability to supply customizable Inline RO Filtration Systems that can be installed in resorts, hotels, apartment complexes, water parks and so much more. The features of these would be similar to the Standard Inline RO System except for the capacity and size which would be determined by the size of the swimming pool.

Residential Inline RO System

Same as commercial but for smaller residential applications.


Fill Line RO System/Shelf Mount Reverse Osmosis

The Fill Line RO System offers a compact design that allows for easy access to components and occupies a minimum footprint. Perfect for residential use, the system offers reliable longterm quality water production in a compact package. Fill Line RO Systems are available in the small to mid-range model sizes of 400, 800, 1,200, and 1,500 gallons per day (GPD) product water output.

Standard Systems:
The frame is stainless steel
Membranes are thin film composite
The pump is a positive displacement rotary vane pump
Vessels/Filter Housings are stainless steel
Electrical is 110/220V 60Hz 1-phase
Valves are feed inlet solenoid valve
Switches are low-feed pressure cutout switch
Control systems are SS needle valve pressure control

Options and Accessories:
Product storage tanks
Atmospheric tank level controls
Re-pressurization system
UV treatment
Pre/post filters and treatment
Heavy duty SS wall mounting brackets
Stainless steel pumps
Blend valve: Adds filtered water to permeate

Operating parameters:
Nominal/Max Operating Pressure 150/200 psi
Feed pH 2-11
Feed Chlorination Dechlorination required. if<0.1 ppm
Max Feed Temp 113F/45C
Max Feed TDS 2500 ppm


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