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Our customers are our number one asset and we are so thankful for each and every one of them. Below are a few of the kind words we have received.

Lisamarie and Nick were amazing! They were so easy to work with and got my pool water better than it has ever been! With hard water in Fullerton, balancing my chemicals has always been tough. Now the water is perfect! I am telling all my pool-owning friends! So glad that I did this! Much better than draining the pool! – Michelle D.

Did my research and picked Pool water recycling to clean and recycle our pool water. Both Lisamarie and Nick were a pleasure to work with. Both were very knowledgeable, responsive and explained the complete process. They also lived up to all their promises. Our pool water numbers came out perfect and we should be good for years to come. We live in Long Beach with ridiculous water restrictions and crazy hard water. This was the perfect answer to fix both those issues. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to our friends. – Randy D

We live in the Phoenix area, and I was pleased to hear that Pool Water recycling would be working near us. Our pool holds 30,000 gallons of water and in this part of the world, we have to wait until cooler weather to change the water to avoid damage to the pool plaster. But Cooler weather — February and March, is when Phoenix uses our water bill to set our services rate for the year and the additional water bill makes it that much higher, not to mention simply throwing all that water down the drain.

The company did a great job and our pool is filled with chemically perfect water. Lisamarie was wonderful to deal with, showed up when promised, and made the whole process easy. Nick is a pool guy, not just the driver: he knows pool chemistry inside and out and explained everything I needed to know.

I will definitely be looking to these folks in the future to keep my pool healthy and balance. – Andy G.

This was my best option to freshen my pool water sustainably. Great choice! Took one day to filter, and the water is fresh. Wonderful for my one to two daily swims.

My pool maintenance person alerted me to high mineral content, (5000 ppm pre filter and 781 after) which makes it extremely difficult to maintain proper balance. He has maintained this pool for me and the previous owner and the water has not been changed in at least ten years (and likely ever).

Someone threw rocks all over the yard, and the water return is buried. Special thank you to my neighbor who shared his return for the 10% brine.   I’ve tried to find the return and will end up paying to remove rocks as part of my search. Thank you Pool Water Recycling! – Langley D.

Just had this done and my water looks and feels great! Lisamarie was easy to talk to and answered all my questions. Nick took the time to show me the trailer and explain my water quality! I would highly recommend them! Thanks guys! – Steven M.


This was by far the best service. Our pool water was hard but not after Nick and Lisamarie attacked it with Reverse Osmosis. They were so helpful and educated me so I could understand all the benefits. Thank you, both! This service was worth every penny! – Sarah V. 

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