The idea for this company came from frustration two years ago. I was advised that my pool water needed to be drained and refilled in order to eliminate extremely high calcium hardness content and total dissolved solids. All pools concentrate dissolved solids over time, and should be drained and refilled every couple of years. I began searching for a better solution than draining and filling in the midst of this monster Southern California drought, and found Pure Water Industries in San Diego. Thankfully they were a couple of years ahead of me and had already developed a mobile reverse osmosis trailer that purifies pool water in place of draining and filling. The water that comes out of the trailer is pure enough to drink, and much more pure than the water that comes out of a Southern California water tap. My wife and I deliberated and agreed that the need for this solution is here in California, and that we would be one of the first in Orange County to provide it.

Our mobile filtration trailer is currently being built and we look forward to having it for the upcoming summer months. The bottom-line is, the hardness minerals coming out of the tap are anywhere from 300-500 parts per million (ppm) and the recommended level for your swimming pool is 200-400 ppm. Overtime, as water evaporates, the hardness minerals stay in solution and start to stain the water tile line, the equipment, and your decorative water features. Your one time backyard paradise has now become a nightmare and the only solution is to change out the water. As a swimming pool owner you can either drain and refill the pool, which takes a couple days, or recycle the water which can be done in less than a day! The “Puripool” Process conserves 85% of the water in the swimming pool and leaves you with water that is much better than tap. California is in a serious drought, El Nino didn’t help at all which means restrictions are only going to increase. So if you have a swimming pool, we ask that you think twice before you drain and recycle it instead! Call us today at 714-694-3116 to learn how you can conserve the existing water in your swimming pool, schedule your first mobile filtration treatment and most importantly CONSERVE NATURE’S MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE, WATER!!