Photo courtesy of Clark County Pool & Lawn showing calcium buildup on the tile.

This is a question that we get asked often because calcium levels in our water are high so we hope this blog post helps you with what you need to do as a swimming pool owner….

If you live in the Los Angeles area, dealing with high calcium hardness levels in your tap/fill water is extremely common. Depending on where you are at in Southern California the hardness can vary from one city to the other but the tap water is loaded with calcium, magnesium and other hardness minerals. When this water is introduced into your swimming pool it is usually harder than what is recommended for your pool (200 – 400 parts per million). This is a challenge for most swimming pool owners because as water evaporates, the hardness minerals remain in solution and gradually rise in concentration. When calcium hardness gets into the area of 500-600 parts per million (ppm) and higher scaling will begin to occur on the water tile line, the interior finish of the swimming pool, pool filtration equipment, spillways and decorative water features. Depending on the color of tile, the extent of your water features and how long you leave your current water in the pool is directly proportional to how much calcium scaling you will have and how it can be to remove it.

Typically, if you wait many years with hard water in your swimming pool you will need to call a tile cleaning professional to come and remove it from the surface of your swimming pool. Depending on how thick it is will determine the price and the more areas affected will cause the price to rise. Please note, this can be quite an expensive investment if you don’t keep it under control. One way to do this would be to start changing out the water in your swimming pool every two years and at Pool Water Recycling, we recommend recycling your water instead of a typical drain and refill because we can give you better water than tap and we can also conserve up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool. The benefits of using our Reverse Osmosis Mobile Filtration trailer service include the following:

  • Lowers calcium hardness
  • Lowers total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Lowers cyanuric acid (CYA)
  • Lowers phosphates
  • Lowers salts
  • Removes waterborne diseases
  • Water conservation
  • No downtime (you can swim in the pool during filtration)
  • The feel of swimming in drinking water
  • Most pools can be filtered in less than a day

Clark County Pool & Lawn in Las Vegas who also deals with hard water shared the above picture. As you can tell, the decorative tile in this swimming pool is coated with calcium. After years of buildup, this is exactly what we want to prevent because it would be extremely costly to remove. If you’re curious as to how this service will work for you and how to prevent calcium scaling from returning…. contact us today for an appointment!