California Drought!

Due to mainstream media, most people think California is out of the drought and to put it plain and simple, California is still in a drought. California, which has been in the news for the longest time because of the worst drought in its history is currently going through another extremely dry winter with higher than normal temperatures and relatively no rain. Many reports are starting to show that the drought map is steadily increasing in Southern California and we hope this blog post will show residential and commercial swimming pool owners how they can save a lot of precious water!

According to a recent article, “dryness continues over most of the country with only isolated areas of above-normal precipitation for this week. The “snow drought” over much of the mountainous western United States is catching more attention, but there is time to make up the poor start to the current water year. Portions of California and coastal Washington did have good precipitation for the week, along with areas of southern Louisiana, east Texas, and southern Mississippi. A significant winter storm brought precipitation to many areas along the east coast from Florida to Maine, but this did not reach too far inland. Over the last 60 days, extensive areas of the country have recorded below 25 percent of normal precipitation, from the Southwest into the central Plains and Midwest as well as in the Southeast and into the Mid-Atlantic. Cold air has also dominated much of the Midwest and the eastern United States, with departures from normal temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic 15-20 degrees below normal.

At Pool Water Recycling, we keep the California drought and water conservation news on high alert because our business is centered around it. Our business is recycling swimming pool water. Basically, we give residential and commercial swimming pool owners an alternative to a typical drain and refill. If you own a swimming pool in our area, you should get into the habit of changing out the water in your pool every two years because of high calcium hardness in our fill water. As pool water evaporates, the calcium and other hardness minerals in our water remain in solution and gradually increase in concentration. When this happens calcium will scale your tile, the interior finish of your swimming pool, filtration equipment, spillways, decorative water features and salt chlorinators (if you own one). During the winter time, most pool professionals will recommend a water change which as you know can waste on average 20,000 – 25,000-gallons of water. That’s why we will always recommend Reverse Osmosis (RO) mobile filtration because we can conserve up to 85% of the existing water and put drinking quality water back in your swimming pool.

Remember, the California drought is still in effect and based on reports aren’t far from where we were before so the next time someone recommends a water change please contact us so you can make a huge impact on our environment.

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