For many having a swimming pool is a luxury and that’s why you should think about an investment in your swimming pool. Pools are relatively expensive to take care of between the amount of time it takes to clean them and take care of them with a variety of different chemicals but have you ever thought about what the most important investment in your swimming pool is? If you live in the Southern California area, maintaining the best water quality in your swimming pool is actually the best investment you can make. Sure, hiring a weekly service company is important to keep your pool water looking great and chemically balanced but changing out the water every two years is actually the best investment for your swimming pool.

Our tap/fill water is extremely hard. It’s loaded with calcium, magnesium and other hardness minerals that overtime cause major issues to your swimming pool. These issues can be found on your water tile line, interior finish, decorative water features, salt chlorinators, spillways, and filtration equipment. It’s the white ring that many people see around the pool and the thick white staining around spillways and water features that truly make it hard to look at your swimming pool. So, many people will ask, “What should I do now?” Well, depending on where you go, many pool professionals will recommend a water change and that can be by doing a drain and refill or using Pool Water Recycling’s Reverse Osmosis Mobile Filtration Trailer. In times of a drought like we are experiencing in Southern California we highly recommend recycling your swimming pool water because it conserves approximately 85% of the existing water (in most pools that can be up to 20,000-gallons). It also gives you and your family the best quality of water to swim in!

Our service is mobile which means it comes to your residential or commercial property and recycles the water onsite. There’s no need to drain the pool, there’s no downtime, and we guarantee you better water than tap. For most residential swimming pools we can complete our service in less than a day and you will not only be able to see a difference in the water but feel it too. As a pool owner, preventing scaling and keeping great quality water in your swimming pool will save you money and prevent damage that is extremely expensive to remove. If you should have any questions on how pool water recycling works, contact us today!