As a residential or commercial swimming pool owner, you have a choice when it comes to changing out the water in your swimming pool. When it comes time to do this you can either choose Reverse Osmosis Mobile Filtration or a drain and refill. At Pool Water Recycling we want to highlight both including the pros and cons along with explaining why you should change out the water in your swimming pool at least every two years! As a residential or commercial swimming pool owner in the Orange County area, you’re going to need to deal with rising Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and Cyanuric Acid (CYA) levels in your swimming pool. When this happens, most pool professionals will recommend a drain a refill. With that said, we want to highlight that first!

Drain and Refill

When a drain and refill occurs you can either perform it on your own or hire a company. When you hire a company to do this for you it’s typically around 200.00 to perform the job along with the cost of water, waste and startup chemicals. Whereas, if you perform this on your own you can rent a pump for around 50.00 and do it yourself. Please keep in mind when you perform a drain and refill it will take approximately 2-3 days to perform and you will be filling your swimming pool up with hard water again. Also, since this completely empties out the water, the interior finish of your pool will be exposed and this should never occur when the temperatures are above 8o degrees because damage to your interior finish can occur.

Pros –

  • a slightly cheaper option
  • great for the do it yourself option

Cons –

  • it can take 2-3 days to perform
  • the water coming out of the tap is hard
  • high chances of cracking the interior finish
  • a huge waste of water
  • lost pool time


Reverse Osmosis Mobile Filtration

Pool Water Recycling offers mobile filtration Reverse Osmosis (RO) treatment systems that come to your home or commercial property and we recycle the water onsite.  By using this system there is no need to drain the swimming pool or use a pump. Our treatment is performed by us and we can typically complete most residential swimming pool jobs in less than a day! Using RO filtration can lower calcium, TDS, and Cyanuric Acid while conserving up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool. At the completion of this process, we guarantee better than tap water and you will notice a difference in the quality of the water you are swimming in!
Pros –
  • drinking quality water in your swimming pool
  • the water feels amazing
  • all work is done by us
  • can be completed quicker
  • no chance of cracking the interior finish
  • water conservation
  • no downtime

Cons –

  • slightly more expensive

In the end, we understand you have a choice when it comes to changing out the water in your swimming pool and we would hope you would consider using Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration and Pool Water Recycling especially when water is at a premium. If you’re curious to know more, please contact us today!