Lower Calcium Hardness Levels In Your Pool

If you own a swimming pool in the Orange County area, high levels of Calcium Hardness (CH) is a problem you are guaranteed of having. Calcium Hardness is extremely high in our tap water and as water evaporates in your swimming pool, the hardness minerals remain in solution and gradually build up in concentration. Typically, you will want to have an average of 200 – 400 parts per million (ppm) Calcium Hardness in your swimming pool but depending on where you live, tap water can be 400 ppm and higher. This is a big problem and if you are in drought-stricken areas like southern California, draining a swimming pool should be the last thing that should cross your mind. Instead of draining, you can now recycle your swimming pool water using our mobile filtration system. Our Pool Water Recycling process is mobile and can filter out calcium, TDS, CYA, waterborne diseases, and other hardness minerals in your swimming pool so you don’t have to drain your swimming pool!

This past week, we scheduled a pool to be recycled because they were complaining of high levels of calcium in their pool water. The calcium was measured at 1020 ppm. When this happens calcium will scale the water tile line, interior finish, decorative water features, and your filtration equipment. With our unique filtration system you can not only lower calcium levels in your pool but if you use the service every two years you can prevent long-term damage to your swimming pool as well.

Initial Chemistry of the Swimming Pool

Calcium Hardness – 1020 ppm

CYA – 150 ppm

Total Dissolved Solids – 4500 ppm

After running this 25,000-gallon swimming pool through our Reverse Osmosis mobile filtration system for 16 hours we were able to conserve 80% of the water in the pool and left them with the following chemistry which is better than tap water.

Calcium Hardness – 140 ppm

CYA – 30 ppm

Total Dissolved Solids – 820 ppm

Owning a swimming pool in areas where Calcium Hardness is high can make it more challenging to maintain but with our mobile filtration system, it can make your job much easier, not to mention, conserving nature’s most precious resource… WATER!

To learn more about our system and how it can help your residential and commercial swimming pool, please contact us today!